iMetrum video monitoring – “a big leap forward”

iMetrum structural monitoring technology

Recently Traverse magazine, the publication for the Institute of Surveyors Victoria, interviewed DataHawk for an article about iMetrum video monitoring and hailed it a big leap forward in monitoring technology.

IMetrum is a cost effective, completely passive, video monitoring solution that leads to less time on site and no need for mounting GNSS receivers or prisms in hard to reach areas. This is all while achieving accuracies down to 0.01mm and measurements of 0.5mm from a kilometre away. And, because it takes measurements up to 300 times per second and can measure 200 points simultaneously, you can accurately monitor a structure even when there are multiple dynamic forces in play. Add to that the benefits of being able to store the video and archive it so further measurements can be pulled out at a later date, or to use as a visual aid, iMetrum is a very exciting advancement in monitoring technology.

To use the system, all you need to do is:

  1. Set up the camera
  2. Choose the quality of the image
  3. Pick the points of interrogation – these need to be features that are defined or have contrast e.g. a bolt or a paint line
  4. Capture the video
  5. This is automatically loaded into the iMetrum software which then uses pattern recognition technology and sub pixel interpretation of the video images to display the displacement
  6. of the structure down to 0.01mm at over 300HZ

For the full article and to read about examples of iMetrum on a bridge monitoring project in Sydney and an open front drilling project in the Netherlands flick to page 12 of Traverse Magazine here.