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Asset Management

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Using our Infrastructure Asset Management Software for linear assets will enable you to make the best decisions on maintaining, renovating or renewing your assets based on condition, expenditure and risk.  The ability to monitor condition and trends in condition allows for preventative maintenance tasks to be forecast and planned efficiently and easily drive a proactive approach to maintenance, significantly improving quality, reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

Rolling stock

Using our Asset Management solution for rolling stock vehicles enables lifecycle management of vehicle fleets and their components enhancing  the management, maintenance and monitoring of your assets.  You can evaluate the current condition of your vehicles and systems at any time taking into account influential stress factors.  Our solutions will help you achieve high operational reliability and availability of systems at minimal operating costs. Irrespective of whether your vehicle fleet is operating in local or long-haul traffic, or is transporting people or goods.

Wheel set management

Using our Asset Management solution for wheel set management enables condition monitoring/inspection results to be associated with specific wheel sets and seamlessly uploaded to the database. This builds an accurate historical dataset allowing for accurate trends to be calculated and a proactive approach to maintenance whilst also monitoring component warranty status. You’ll also be provided with flexible reporting including analysis of mileages, overhauls, re-profiling tasks and component KPI’s so you can make the best decisions based on risk, condition and expenditure.

Integrated solution for owner operators

Vehicle and plant availability and reliability as well as improved operating costs is critical to your success. You can achieve this by combining both our rolling stock and infrastructure asset management solutions with traffic logistics planning to form an integrated rail transport management solution.  This provides great opportunities to provide, plan and implement transport jobs more efficiently and competitively, especially for intensive asset and infrastructure rail companies.