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Design and Construction

DataHawk rail monitoring for construction


Railway construction projects require technology with the highest levels of precision combined with rugged reliability. Through DataHawk, you’ll have access to advanced construction and surveying solutions, which will help you you meet the requirements of your project in less time, with less rework and for less cost to your business.

Machine control and site positioning

Through our partner, SITECH Construction Systems, we can work with you to recommend the best in Trimble machine control and site positioning systems. Use Trimble machine control in conjunction with site positioning to carry out your rail project faster, more accurately and with less rework than before. Used in partnership, these systems will give you the confidence to finish your project on time, on cost and on specification.

Alignment planning

Once you’ve been awarded a rail construction project, talk to us about our alignment planning solutions to fine tune your planning before you start the design and build phase. These alignment solutions allow you to reduce earthworks and other construction costs by refining the alignment within a defined corridor.

Monitoring structures

Excavation, tunneling and other railway construction activities can affect buildings and structures near construction zones. These structures need to be monitored to understand what’s happening to them during construction. Our monitoring solutions include deflection, sleeper and ballast displacement monitoring, as well as post-construction settlement monitoring. These monitoring solutions increase project safety and reduce risk to your construction schedule.

For more information about our solutions for rail design and construction take a look here and give us a call.