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Safety and Maintenance

DataHawk railway safety and maintenance technology


Rail infrastructure needs constant maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. We offer a variety of solutions from track inspection, railway monitoring, fixed and mobile asset management to automated weed control.

Inspection and documentation

Railway facilities need constant inspection to identify needs for maintenance and improvements. Our Trimble solutions capture and document the absolute location, geometry and condition of track fixtures and surrounding objects with minimal disruption to normal train operations.

Track maintenance

Accurate information on track location and geometry is an essential part of tamping and rail bed maintenance. Using our Trimble technology, you’ll be able to gather 3D data to automate and significantly improve your tamping processes and share results and quality assurance information in industry standard formats. DataHawk can also offer solutions for automated vegetation control.

Rail infrastructure asset management

Asset Management policies, strategies and plans are a key component of any rail business to maintain the necessary level of performance and compliance for the lowest cost.

Using our infrastructure asset management software for linear assets you will be able to make the best decisions on maintaining, renovating or renewing your assets based on condition, expenditure and risk.  The ability to monitor condition, and trends in condition, means you can forecast and plan preventative maintenance tasks efficiently and easily drive a proactive approach to maintenance. This will significantly improve the quality, reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness of your operations.

Upgrades and expansion

Planning and implementing railway improvements requires accurate information on existing facilities and conditions. Talk to us about our Trimble solutions to improve productivity throughout the design, engineering and construction process.

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