Structural monitoring – measure 200 points simultaneously without 200 prisms

iMetrum video monitoring - DataHawk

If you’re in the game of using technology for structural monitoring for things like deflection, strain, rotation and displacement, you’re probably familiar with the traditional method of using a total station and prisms. If you are, you’ll know that it’s a fairly arduous process, mounting targets on the structure and measuring each point one-by-one. It’s also near impossible to measure the trend of deflection in that structure when it’s under load – think monitoring a bridge with a train actually running over it.

At DataHawk we’re pleased to say that we have a solution that hits this traditional method of structural monitoring out of the park – iMetrum video monitoring.

iMetrum is a cost effective, completely passive, video monitoring solution that leads to less time on site and no need for mounting costly prisms, all while achieving accuracies that are unobtainable using traditional methods – down to 0.01mm. And, because it takes measurements up to 300 times per second and can measure around 200 points simultaneously, you can accurately monitor a structure even when there are dynamic forces in play.

Add to that the benefits of being able to store the video and archive it so further measurements can be pulled out at a later date, or to use as a visual aid, iMetrum is a very exciting advancement in structural monitoring technology.

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